ProCruitment® is Gochkeys’ proprietary map of and protocol for each step of the professional recruiting process. By rigorously tracking our recruiting success we’re uniquely positioned to contribute to yours.

Over 10 Years of Industry Experience

Since 2007 Gochkeys has supplied manufacturers serving the medical device industry with exceptional candidate options.

Single Point of Contact

For each search you’ll receive a dedicated Gochkeys’ Project Manager.  Supported by our team, this individual will work directly with you from beginning to end to manage all aspects of your recruiting process.

In-Depth Needs Analysis

Each search begins with an hour+ ProCruitment® diagnostic to mutually
determine what you seek and why.

Custom Job Description

For each search Gochkeys creates a custom job description including highlights of why someone would want the job, the company’s track record of success, and why the boss is awesome.

Candidates You Haven’t Seen

Each candidate submitted for your consideration will sign a Gochkeys’ Non-Disclosure Agreement putting into writing they haven’t been contacted by you or any proxy of your organization.*

Uniform Candidate Submittal Process

Gochkeys presents each candidate for consideration in their proprietary, 10-Point Interview Format. This write-up emailed to you includes more information on the candidate, their curent resume, and authorized Gochkeys’ Non-Disclousre Agreement.

Weekly Search Updates

Each week you’ll receive a spreadsheet detailing all the candidates we’ve contacted, what level of interest they’ve expressed, and your interview results.

Interview Training, Preparation, & Debriefs

Gochkeys offers all parties custom interview training, opportunity-specific preparation, and their proprietary ProCruitment® Interview Debrief at each stage. This allows us to share insights on the candidate’s “likes & concerns,” what they think yours are, what the candidate would like the next step to be, and much more.

We’ll Tell Candidates “You’re Out”

Letting someone know they’re not the preferred candidate isn’t fun. But Gochkeys makes it a positive for all parties, striving to leave the door open to opportunities in the future.

Detailed Candidate Compensation

Before you make an offer we ask each candidate to complete the Gochkeys’ Salary Package Worksheet, allowing both parties to fully understand “the right offer.”

Custom Reference Checks

Gochkeys will work with you to create and then complete a custom reference check form.

96% Offer Acceptance Rate

Over the last 10+ years more than 96% of candidates have accepted their offer from Gochkeys’ clients.

Resignation Training & Transition Assistance

Gochkeys’ recruiting services only end when your candidate shows up on day 1.